A serial interface protocol for data converters

The protocol is proposed and maintained by Teledyne-e2v Semiconductors, but it is not proprietary and everyone is free to adopt it to take advantage of its 87.5% data rate efficiency and ease of use.

The ESIstream protocol is born from a strong need of the following combination:

    • Reduce data overhead on serial links.

    • Increase rate of useful data when linking high-speed data converters operating at GSps sampling rate with a FPGA.

    • Simplify hardware implementation to be built on RF SiGe technologies.

Learn more about ESIstream by reading the Protocol specification.

ESIstream 14B/16B main benefits

  • 87.5% EFFICIENCY

  • Deterministic and low link latency

  • Minimal hardware implementation

  • Multi-devices synchronization

  • Demonstrated lane rate up to 12.8 Gbps

  • Multi-lanes synchronization

  • Guaranteed DC balance, ±16 bits running disparity

  • Maximum run length of 32 bits

  • Synchronization monitoring